Adult Friendships

5 Ways to be a better friend

August 17, 2022

Being a better friend as an adult

Let's be honest: even the best of friendships can get a little stale at times. It's easy to take our friends for granted and not put in the effort we should to keep them healthy and thriving. And it just get's more difficult with our friendships as adults. So today, we're going to share five ways that you can be better about taking care of your friends.

Intentional time

It's not always easy to be there for your friends. It can be hard, especially if you're busy or have other things going on in your life. But if you want to be a better friend, it's important that you put in the effort and make time for them when they need it—and also when they don't need it! In order to keep our friendships healthy, we need to set aside intentional time for them. It doesn't need to always be hanging out in person it can even be a simple text (or even better - a phone call). We know that creating and keeping the time for this can be difficult which is why created Reyla. Reyla will remember for you. So we recommend hopping on the waitlist - but until then set reoccuring reminders and block time on your calendar for your friends to alleviate the emotional labor for yourself.

Being a good friend is just as important as having good friends

Being a good friend is just as important as having good friends.

You don’t need to be the most popular person at work, or in your circle of friends, but you do need to make sure that you have the ability to be there for people who need it. If you have ever had a friend who has been through tough times or struggling with something, then it is important for them not only physically but mentally too because they might not even know where else they can turn if things like this happen again (which will happen). Invite those friend's for walks, give them the space to talk, and offer to cook them dinner. A little kindness goes a long way. So being there for your friends when they need help goes beyond just being friendly; it goes into helping them through their problems and making sure that no matter what happens throughout life nothing gets in between you!

It's more important to be a good listener than a good speaker

Listening is one of the most important skills to have as a friend. It's something we often overlook, but it's also an incredibly helpful way of showing that you care about your friend and want to understand them.

Listening shows respect for your friends by showing that you're interested in what they have to say and are listening carefully, even if they aren't saying anything at all!

If you want good friendships, you need to work at them

If you want good friendships, you need to work at them.

Don't take your friends for granted. Don't assume they'll always be there for you—they might not have time or the inclination to do so, especially if they're busy with their own lives and problems. And don't assume that just because someone is a friend of yours—or even your best friend—that he or she will understand what's going on in your life and give advice when asked for it.


Being a good friend is a skill, and it's not always easy to do. But it's definitely worth the effort. Good friendships can last a lifetime and help us grow as people, so if you want to have good friends in your life, you need to work at them!


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